Dennis Hopper reciting Rudyard Kipling’s “If” on The Johnny Cash Show

Woh, Robert Loggia!

brad introduced me to jeff whose son john was in korea
and had a “brilliant” blog that I needed to look at.
brad told me jeff was a newscaster, “you’ll see him on the fox news”

the one australian woman went to the stage
mic scratchy and bloody sounding and

on the tv and then in the hallway she sang
and the firemen danced butwere forced
to drink from flask.

—from “Don’t Worry About Me Now” by Donny Lelildo

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"Swiss Army Knife with Rats and Pigeons" — Robert Breer (1980)


"Starla didn’t know how to summon the words to thank her mother for saying the things she said after that night at the tavern when everything seemed to have been going wrong. She thought about it for a second, and she decided that she could no longer even summon the emotions. Or confront them at least. She didn’t know. So guilt and anguish piled up in her and they breathed like some undulating liver inandoutinandout like the way it had been in the basement. In the basement surrounded by her old furniture. The furniture her mother had bought and sat on with Starla’s father. Her father. That person.

"Starla wanted to think. She thought she wanted to dance for a second. But. Standing up. She decided that dancing wasn’t very cool after all. She no longer wanted to dance so she sat down. But SHE THOUGHT— "OH MY GOD I NEED TO DANCE!!!" but all of a sudden, she thought that was the worst thing to do. So she plugged in her amp and pa system. She rolled the cassette tape. She wrote something about a blue sunday. But then she remembered something vaguely about another song with a title with blue in it that referred to another day of the week."

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Eddie Cantor

Miriam Makeba “Pata Pata”

Julia Holter

in peace

Dave Brubeck Quartet “Blue Rondo a la Turk”